‘Welcome to almost the end of January 2024, the journey of self-improvement with guidance from the best personal trainer! As we navigate through the first month of the year, it’s a good time to reflect on our goals and New Year’s resolutions.

The transition from the holiday season to a healthier lifestyle can be challenging, but don’t get overwhelmed or give up yet—as San Diego’s best personal trainer I am here to guide you with practical solutions to help you not only keep but also achieve your goals and resolutions.

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Resolution Solution #1: Define Clear and Specific Goals

One of the first mistakes that people make when setting goals for the new year is not being specific enough. “Getting healthy,” “getting fit,” and “losing weight” all sound like great goals, but they are vague! What does getting healthy and fit mean to you? How much weight do you want to lose? By when?

A more powerful statement for the new year could be: “I will lose 10 pounds by June 1st.” This is specific, this states your exact intention. Instead of resolving to get healthy, spend some time thinking about what that means to you and what that looks like in your life.

Does it mean that you will exercise each day? Does it mean that you will eliminate sugar or processed foods from your diet? Giving yourself specific goals makes it easier to stick to them.

If you have a goal to get fit, healthy and lose weight in the new year, great. One way to really achieve your goals this year is to get specific, then break the goal up into manageable chunks. Don’t overwhelm yourself with one huge goal that you are supposed to follow for the entire year. Set time limits and give yourself smaller goals.

This builds success. Each time you achieve a small goal, or complete something, you will get excited, you will feel pride.

Defining clear goals is a fundamental principle in the best personal training practices. This increases motivation, which fuels your success in the next goal. Make this year a series of successes, and by the time the next year rolls around, you will have crushed your goal. Defining clear goals is a fundamental principle in the best personal trainer’s advice.

Resolution Solution #2: 30 Workouts in 30 Days

If you have ever met me, you know how serious I am about this. If you want to experience the benefits of exercise, you must do it consistently. While you don’t have to work out every single day in order to lose weight or get toned, you need to develop the habit, and this means working out every single day for at least 30 days.

The reason: If you are not accustomed to daily exercise, it can take some time to get into the swing of things.

If you go to the gym once, and don’t go right back, you are more likely to find excuses to not go. In contrast, if you make the commitment to go every single day, in 30 days you will have developed a habit and mentality of consistency that will stick with you and just become part of your lifestyle. Embrace the challenge of 30 workouts in 30 days, a cornerstone of advice from the best personal trainer.

Resolution Solution #3: 30 Days Alcohol-Free

You want to lose weight and feel healthier? Kickstart this goal with 30 days of no alcohol. Having a drink now and then isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if you are a regular drinker, the sugar and calories can really add up!

Whether you are a beer or wine connoisseur, or you like your evening cocktail, you may be surprised at the benefits that cutting alcohol out for 30 days can give you. You will find yourself less bloated, more hydrated, more energetic, and slimmer.

You might just decide to drop it for good! For now, though, just give it thirty days. If nothing else, it can help you kickstart weight loss. Taking a break from alcohol is often recommended by the best personal trainer to enhance your fitness results.

Resolution Solution #4: Personalized Guidance with a Proven Plan

Best Personal Trainer Showing Off Client ResultsIf you really want to see results, don’t go at it alone. In my 29 years of experience as San Diego’s best personal trainer I have seen so often that most people hire me because they need the appointment to keep them accountable.I

f there is an appointment time with a personal trainer near you waiting for you to show up, the chances of you procrastinating, finding excuses and flaking on your goals are drastically reduced.

Partnering with an experienced personal trainer, recognized as the best personal trainer, will amplify your results. Will get feedback and support that will increase results, and will be more likely to stick with their custom fitness program.

With one-on-one training sessions at my private training gym, we’ll tailor each workout to suit your individual needs.

From strength training to injury prevention and rehabilitation, my expertise ensures you get the most out of every session typically fitting 2 hours’ worth of work into each one-hour session.

Resolution Solution #5: Track Your Progress with a Fitness/Food Journal

Set yourself up for success by tracking your fitness and nutrition progress. A great way to do this is through a fitness/food journal. You might be surprised to know that journaling is the secret of many well-known, accomplished and successful athletes, such as LeBron James. Why does journaling work? It helps you see your progress in black and white.

It allows you to see what works and what doesn’t. It helps keep you accountable, and it boosts your sense of accomplishment and self-confidence. It shows your progress over time.

A fitness/food journal can be as simple or complex as you want it to be on a notebook, in an app or on a spreadsheet. Some things you might track: Reps/weight, distance, time spent at the gym, water consumption, weight loss/gain, sleep, and food.

You will be surprised at what you learn about your diet by just tracking your food each day! Take it one step further and spend a couple extra minutes tracking mood and energy levels. This doesn’t have to be a page-long diary entry, it can be simple.

Doing this can yield a wealth of information about how sleep, exercise and food affect the way you feel, or how the way you feel might impact your workout. Tracking your progress with a fitness/food journal is recommended by the best personal training experts.

Resolution Solution #6: Embrace a Sustainable Eating Lifestyle

Diets are a temporary fix, not a long-term solution. In fact, diets can cause you to gain weight. It’s true. Every year, people set out to lose weight, and have some short-term success, only to end up weighing more than they did when they started the year.

This year, focus on changing how you eat, a transformative approach supported by the best personal trainer. It’s not all about calories in, calories out. In other words, just limiting your calories or increasing your activity isn’t going to give you long-term results. You must look at the quality of the calories you are consuming.

Are they coming from low-quality sources, such as sugary, processed foods? Low-quality fats? Or are you consuming whole grains, healthy fats, real foods, and naturally sweet foods?

There is no need to get overwhelmed, making changes to your eating can be done with small, consistent steps and by replacing one commonly eaten food for another.

This is where your food journal comes in handy — use it! Start by eliminating the worst foods from your diet: Sodas, overly processed foods, and foods with a high sugar content. Increase your protein intake to help curb hunger and cravings. Find nutritious and tasty substitutions for your favorite snacks — they do exist!

Resolution Solution #7: Persevere and Don’t Give Up

This is the single biggest mistake that people make when it comes to their New Year’s resolutions. They give up. Building healthy habits is a process. Fitness is a journey. You aren’t always going to do it perfectly. Giving up is the only way to fail. If you fall short, if you backslide, if you skip a workout or eat a donut — don’t call it quits. Setbacks are not an excuse to give up.

If you experience a setback, the best thing to do is acknowledge it and move on. This may mean you skipped a week of workouts, or you binged on foods that caused you to feel bloated or put on pounds. Sometimes, results take longer than you thought, and sometimes you hit a plateau. Whatever the case may be, don’t let these things deter you. Just get back up again.

When you give up after a setback, it hurts your confidence and self-esteem, you beat yourself up and feel bad. That only makes things worse. If beating yourself up was an effective strategy, we’d all be in great shape! It does just the opposite, though. You are less likely to try again, and you may even put on more weight. This is why fad diets and poorly planned fitness routines sometimes backfire.

Best Personal Trainer, Chris KeithIf you’re looking for the best Personal Trainer in San Diego or looking for tailored fitness programming to do on your own, I am here to help you achieve your goals. As a seasoned fitness coach with a focus on weight loss, strength training, injury prevention and rehabilitation, I provide personalized fitness programs tailored to all ages, backgrounds, and fitness levels.

If you’re ready to make 2024 YOUR year for health and wellness, let’s connect for a free fitness consultation with San Diego’s best personal trainer. Together, we’ll create a holistic fitness approach at my private training gym, ensuring you reach your fitness goals with a customized workout plan designed just for you.

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