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I understand the unique needs and challenges that professionals like you face on their health and fitness journey. My scientifically proven approach is tailored to empower individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and fitness levels to not only achieve their health and fitness goals, but also create balance and harmony in their lives. Whether you’re a busy professional with flexible scheduling needs, a parent juggling family responsibilities, a frequent traveler, or someone recovering from previous injuries, I have the expertise to guide you on your path to success.

My personalized programming is designed to maximize efficiency, allowing you to get two hours worth of training in just one hour. Within our private gym setting, I’ve created a supportive and protective environment that helps you overcome any initial barriers and empowers you to achieve your goals. By committing to your tailored program and embracing a mindset of dedication and perseverance, you will witness remarkable transformations in your strength, endurance, mobility, recovery, and overall well-being that extend far beyond the walls of the gym.



Age: 50s
Training Duration: 12 Months
Goal: To quit smoking and get healthy
Outcome: Quit smoking and maintained a healthy lifestyle



Age: 30
Training Duration: 8 Weeks
Goal: Lose her self-proclaimed post-partum “mom bod”
Outcome: Lost the weight, got stronger than she thought possible; and got shredded with an 8-pack



I hired Chris over a year ago in search of greater consistency and energy. Juggling two businesses, raising a family, and becoming a father at a later stage in life left me lacking in both areas. I really didn’t want to feel like an old dad with my daughter. After a year of training with Chris, I can confidently say that my life has achieved more balance that extends to my nutrition, sleep, activity levels, and overall energy, which has had positive impacts in both my professional and personal life.

Chris is really good at staying engaged with his clients. As soon as I walk into the gym, he asks about my sleep quality, nutrition, and current energy level. He takes an interest in my life outside the gym as well. These check-ins serve as touchpoints for adjusting the program. Furthermore, Chris consistently observes my body movement and pace, not only during exercises but also during rest periods. This attention to detail and meticulousness serves him well in his capacity as a trainer.

Training with Chris really sets the table for my day. He is transparent, direct and has the experience and knowledge that can get anyone to the results they want if they communicate their goals, trust the process and maintain consistency. Just like any business relationship, Chris is a partner that I rely on. He serves as an advocate, and I trust that he genuinely looks out for my well-being.

Chris Keith Personal Training Testimonials Jesslyn


Age: 42
Training Duration: 9 Weeks
Goal: Feel healthier post COVID
Outcome: Healthier well-balanced life that includes fitness, new muscle definition

Chris Keith Personal Training Testimonials Dan


Age: 40s
Training Duration: 6 Months
Goal: Lower blood pressure and cholesterol
Outcome: Lost 68 pounds, lowered LDL, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels and sustained a healthier lifestyle

Chris Keith Personal Training Testimonials Ashley


Chris isn’t like any other trainer I’ve worked with in the past. For one, he cares about your overall health. When I first started, he worked to understand why I was there—what my goals were, where my limitations had been in the past, etc. He provided me nutrition advice that I could work to meet my needs; it was flexible and simple, unlike a lot of the rigid meal plans you often see, which meant I was able to stick with it despite a demanding personal schedule.

Additionally, Chris works to understand what motivates you. My wife and I both train with him, and he has intuitively picked up the differences between us, and leverages that to train each of us as we need, individually. He is extremely cognizant of injuries and carefully works around my various issues. And his workouts are downright fun! He has a knack (and the space and equipment) for integrating a wide variety of exercises that keep workouts engaging and prevent the monotony that I’ve experienced with other “training plans” in the past.

I’m extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to train with Chris! Like everything, you get out what you put in—but if you are serious about getting into shape and maintaining a healthy lifestyle (body and mind), there is nobody better to get you there.

Chris Keith Personal Training Testimonials Patrick


Age: 52
Training Duration: 7 Weeks
Goal: Get shredded and remain active
Outcome: Shredded with better nutrition

Chris Keith Personal Training Testimonials Maria


Age: 45
Training Duration: 36 Months
Goal: Lose weight and relieve pain
Outcome: Lost 66 pounds in the first 6 months and now has an athletic mindset regarding training and nutrition

Chris Keith Personal Training Testimonials Scott


I was referred to Chris Keith by my doctor following shoulder surgery. Recognizing the importance of an experienced personal trainer to guide me in my exercise regimen, I found the best of the best in Chris Keith. Under his guidance, I successfully regained my physical fitness, while also acquiring valuable knowledge about nutrition, injury prevention, and maintaining motivation. Over the course of 10 years training with Chris, I have experienced a remarkable transformation that goes far beyond the walls of the gym: increased confidence, elevated energy levels, and being able to maintain activities like surfing and running around with my young son without any pain in my mid-40s. Chris is an expert and a professional at what he does. If you are looking to be trained by the best, Chris Keith is the man! I cannot recommend him enough.

Chris Keith Personal Training Testimonials David


Age: 27
Training Duration: 2.5 years
Goal: To lose 200 pounds
Outcome: Lost over 200 pounds and made significant lifestyle adjustments

Chris Keith Personal Training Testimonials Lori


Age: 38
Training Duration: 14 Months
Goal: Lose weight to keep up with her kids and find a sustainable nutrition and fitness program
Outcome: Lost 117 pounds and completed her first triathlon

Chris Keith Personal Training Testimonials Lauren


Training with Chris has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I’ve always been very active and interested in fitness and I came to Chris looking to really level up, and admittedly a little skeptical about the impact. Within six months I can confidently say the experience has been life changing. His guidance and coaching has yielded results that surpassed my expectations – physically and mentally. He genuinely cares not only about helping you to achieve your goals, but in educating you about your overall health every step of the way. I’ve never felt stronger, healthier and more empowered. In this short time, I’ve not only gained a coach and a mentor, but a true friend.

Chris Keith Personal Training Testimonials Scott


Age: 45
Training Duration: 36 Months
Goal: Maintain his active lifestyle while preventing injuries and to keep up with his young child
Outcome: Packed on 40 pounds of muscle over the course of 3 years while sustaining zero injuries

Chris Keith Personal Training Testimonials Lindsey


Age: 37
Training Duration: 6 Months
Goal: Shed the baby weight and feel strong
Outcome: Lost over 20 pounds, stronger, better mobility and nutrition


In just 3.5 months and after 40 sessions under Chris’s guidance, I lost 43 pounds. Chris is a wonderful person to work with, and the remarkable results speak volumes about his tailored approach, emphasizing my abilities, prioritizing low-impact exercises, and always putting safety first. Chris’s expertise in helping you achieve your personal best is truly remarkable, and I truly look forward each and every training session with him. Despite being in my early 40s and never having been athletically inclined, I struggled to lose weight over the past decade. However, entrusting Chris with my health and fitness goals has been such a transformative experience that I have chosen to renew my training agreement, eager to continue progressing on this remarkable fitness journey. I am now happier than ever before, experiencing improved sleep, earlier wake-up times, and a significant reduction in constant aches and pains. Most profoundly, I find myself significantly less stressed about every aspect of life.

Chris Keith Personal Training Testimonials Rena


I came to Chris Keith a month before my 30th birthday with a “mom butt,” 20+ extra pounds to lose, and at a total loss of what to eat, drink, do, and an “omfg fitness is so confusing please help me” outlook. I wanted the best trainer in San Diego taking me in and coaching me on the right path, and boy was I lucky to find Chris Keith. This has been a LIFE CHANGING decision for me.

What I have gotten out of my training with Chris has far exceeded all of my (high) expectations. Chris is a huge motivator, and his energy is positive, focused, and calming. His humor, kindness, and warmth should not be confused for being an easy trainer though—because the workouts (dare I say they’re fun and they go by quickly??) are intense and challenging and will definitely get you the results you are looking for.

He does not complicate the path to reach your goals and answers all of your questions in detail and never makes me feel intimidated or stupid. I always leave the gym having learned something new and interesting about fitness, anatomy, and nutrition. He holds you accountable and checks on you and even though he has two gyms and a lot of clients, is never “too busy” for you.

I also have a knee injury that he has been helping me strengthen and it has improved so much since I’ve started training, which is an added bonus.

I am a much better and more confident version of myself. This is the best investment I have made in my physical and mental health, and I am beyond grateful and happy that I did. If you are on the fence about training with CK, get on this side of the fence and do it! You will be so happy you did.

Chris Keith Personal Training Testimonials
Chris Keith Personal Training Testimonials