Supplemental Power

10 x 1 Clean and Jerk



Every Minute on The Minute x 16

Even:  8 Back Squats

Odd: 8 Weighted Pull Ups


Workout of The Day

5 Rounds

21 GHD Sit Ups

15 Wall Balls 35/25 30/20 25/16

9 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

200 Meter Run


Supplemental Endurance

1 Mile Run

Katie Wasalaski 619 San Diego Personal Training 619

Katie started 619 San Diego Personal Training in 2008. Garage Gyms were still wide spread and very few people had even heard about it. She was told about 619 San Diego Personal Trainingfrom a rowing coach during our indoor winter training season. Katie had been a D1 rower in college and naturally continued after graduation. After I took my first 619 San Diego Personal Trainingclass I was hooked. She loved that 619 San Diego Personal Trainingbrought the perfect mix of strength, fitness, community and competitiveness all wrapped up in one sport. It added that dimension of mental toughness that athletes get on the playing field or in my case, on the water that I was deeply missing.
Prior to coaching, she coached high school rowing for 11 years and then decided that she wanted to share my love for strength and fitness by coaching . I wanted to inspire and encourage athletes to push a little more, find that next dimension and achieve their goals.

Since her beginning, She competed in local competitions and qualified for regionals three times but she really loves the team aspect of the 619 San Diego Personal Training Games and has her sights on The 2015 619 San Diego Personal Training Open.


*Division 1 scholarship Athlete George Mason University 1998-2001
* Team Captain 2000-2001
* High school Rowing Coach 2000-2011
* Won Virginia State Rowing Championship in 2009 with Robinson High School
* Washington Post All-Metropolitan Coach of the year 2009
* Level 1 and Level 2 rowing certificate
*Coached Fall Selection Rowing Camps 2009-2011



*Indoor and outdoor track Atlee High
*District indoor champions in 4X200 relay
*District outdoor champions in 4X100 relay
*Pentathlon, Hurdles, high jump competitor



*Voted best defender 1996-Atlee high School
*District Champions 1995 & 19996
*Selected 1st team all district 1996
*Selected for travel Team 1995-1996
*Indoor Soccer competitor 2001-2002





Coach Taylar Albertini

Coach Taylar Albertini

Taylar Albertini’s fitness roots began as a young whippersnapper on the plains of rural Illinois. The son her stepfather never had, she learned toplay and excel at many different sports and she can also mean football pass. In high school, she played tennis, volleyball, cross-country, basketball, softball, and track. At the University of San Diego, she walked on to the Women’s Division I Rowing Team, making a varsity boat and helping them win the school’s first WCC Conference Championship. By her senior year, she was a 3 time West Coast Conference Champion Rower Voted All Conference for the WCC, voted Captain of the team, voted MVP and Most Inspirational. Taylar graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Pre-medical from USD in January 2014. She aspires to be the team physician for a college, Olympic, and or professional level athletes. Her work experience includes being a volunteer basketball coach for the YMCA, interned in the Sports Medicine Department at Sharp Hospital, worked at the Weight Room coaching for USD’s Women’s Rowing Team specifically leading the injured athletes through modified workouts. She began 619 San Diego Personal Training almost six years ago and used the training to supplement rowing. Taylar loves to train and compete in 619 San Diego Personal Training competitions. When she is not working out or working at the gym, she loves to run and play with her two Great Danes, Bailey and Bourbon.

        • 1st Place Winner of the Epic Series Functional Fitness Endurance Race
        • NCCPT Certified Personal Trainer
        • 619 San Diego Personal Training Level 1
        • Olympic Weightlifting Course with Mike Burgener
        • 619 San Diego Personal Training Gymnastics Certified with Coach Nicole Zapoli