Come out and support Team 619 at La Jolla High School’s 619 San Diego Personal Training Competition this Saturday at 9am . We will be there til 5pm but if you all could be there to cheer on Coach Aleks, Jaime, Rich and Christine that would be awesome. There will not be classes on Saturday Morning at the gym.

Sunday 9am Yoga with Coach Jenny.

Please post your WOD RESULTS for today to comments.

1. Static Handstand Hold

2. Dynamic Handstand Walk

3. 5 x 2 Front Squat


Back Squat

8 x 6 (8)
Every 3 Minutes

Back Squats

1 x 20

Snatch Deadlift (Focus on Position)

4 x 6
Every 4 Minutes

619 San Diego Personal Training Open WOD 12.1

7 Minute Burpee AMRAP

X. 1 Mile Jog

Y. 10 Minute Air Dyne at 60%

Z. Rollout