100% Gym Participation is The Goal

What do you win? All Participants will receive 619 apparel. The cash prizes will depend on how many people sign up but at the very least:

1st Prize Male $150 / Female $150
2nd Prize Male $75 / Female $75
3rd Prize Male $25 / Female $25

The 8 Week Challenge will begin on Monday.

Please go to the link below for The Phase 1 Food List


This Challenge will be for Power, Strength, Speed, Lower Vital Statistics, and Body Fat of Course.

For Power we will be measuring the 1 Rep Max for progress in both The Snatch and Clean & Jerk with a Dumbell and Barbell. A 10% increase on both exercises with a barbell will be worth 5000 points on each. A 20% increase on both exercises with a dumbell will be worth 5000 points on each.

For Strength we will be measuring for progress The 10 Rep Max in The Front Squat, Overhead Squat, and Strict Press. A 10% increase on all 3 exercises with a barbell be worth 5000 points each.

For Speed we will be measuring The 2 x 2000 Meter Row(3 Minute Rest Interval) for Time and The 4 Mile Run at Fiesta Island. A :20 second decrease on each 2k row will be worth 10,000 points. A 3 minute decrease in time for the 4 mile run will be worth 5000 points.

For Vital Statistics we will be measuring for Resting Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Body Weight, and Body Fat. A decrease in all 4 stats will be worth 10,000 points for the top 3 male and top 3 female participants.

In addition to The Exercise Journal we will be keeping track of hydration, sleep, and daily stretching for points in the first 30 days of the challenge. 20,000 points

90,000 Additional Points are Available for the movements below:

400 Back Squats 4000 Points
400 Thrusters 4000 Points 115/75, 95/65, 75/55
400 Overhead Squats 4000 Points
400 GHD Sit Ups 4000 Points
400 Traditional Sit Ups
400 Dips 4000 Points
400 Pull Ups 4000 Points
400 Kettlebell Swings 4000 Points
400 Burpees (any variation) 4000 Points
400 Double Unders 4000 Points
40 Miles Total Runnning worth 25,000 Points
20,000 Meters Rowing is worth 25,000 Points

120,000 Additional Points are available for the tasks below:

30,000 Points for 30 workouts in the first 30 days. Yoga and Runs over 2 miles will count as a workout.
20,000 Points for 20 workouts in the 2nd 30 days Yoga and Runs over 2 miles will count as a workout.
20,000 Points for a 2000 word essay on The 10 Focal Points of Nutrition
15,000 Points for 30 Days of Food Journaling of The Phase 1 Food List
15,000 Points for tracking your sleep, water, and stretching in the last 30 days of The 619 Challenge
10,000 Points for uploading 4 pictures to yelp of you in action at 619 San Diego Personal Training 619
10,000 Points for an updated google review
10,000 Points for an updated yahoo review

300,000 Points can be accumulated in variety of ways to win The 619 Challenge. As always everyone is a winner but this challenge will be like no other in results accumulated. $20 cash buy in. The sign up list is on the front desk. My Goal is to have 100% gym participation for this challenge. What’s your goal 619?