Ashley Lane – Athlete of the Month

There is no doubt that the gym has amazing athletes, but Ashley Lane, our Athlete of the Month, tops the list. Ashley is an exceptional athlete who works extremely hard to become a better athlete every day. Her dedication to the gym and to her fitness makes her this month’s superstar!

You can catch Ashley, if you wake up early enough, at the 5:00 a.m. class every day and often in the afternoons working on the supplemental endurance. She is a daily contributor to the 619 San Diego Personal Training 619 Blog and has contributed amazing nutritional pieces in the past. Her love for fitness is clearly evident when you meet her and the energy she brings to the gym is unparalleled. Ashley always cheers for all the athletes around her and never backs down from any workout – actually, she goes H.A.M. in every movement and WOD.

Growing up, Ashley ran track and played both volleyball and soccer. She made the big move to San Diego after finding out her brother was moving to the beautiful city as well. Once here, Ashley became a regular gym member until hearing about this crazy, yet wonderful sport called 619 San Diego Personal Training. Ashley found 619 San Diego Personal Training 619 through Yelp and like all those who enter the doors, the first workout sealed her fate as she has come back everyday since then. 619 San Diego Personal Training has become an integral part of her life and Ashley cannot see herself without it. She has become a staple at 619 San Diego Personal Training 619 and an athlete that many strive to become. We are proud to have Ashley as part of the 619 Family and can’t wait to watch her compete in this year’s 619 San Diego Personal Training Open.

How did you get involved in 619 San Diego Personal Training?
I first heard about 619 San Diego Personal Training through a friend of mine at work. She was always talking about her training sessions and the different WODs she would do. I couldn’t believe it. She kept insisting that I try it because it had completely changed her life. Eventually I said okay, let me see what this is all about. At the time, I was going to 24 Hour Fitness day in and day out, seeing no results and completely bored out of my mind. Best decision of my life.

Why 619 San Diego Personal Training? What makes it special/unique?
Originally I found 619 San Diego Personal Training 619 through Yelp. I was researching different gyms, but 619 felt like the best fit for me. I loved all the experience Coach Chris has and felt like this gym was the most welcoming because to be honest I was pretty intimidated to get started and put myself out there.

What was your first WOD/experience?
To be honest, I don’t remember exactly what my first WOD was, but I do remember it involved pull ups because I couldn’t do them. I was using the green band and I know we had to do sets of 10 and I could only do 7. I could not believe how out of shape I was.

How long have you been 619 San Diego Personal Training for?
I have been doing 619 San Diego Personal Training for 2.5 years now and have loved every second.

How does 619 San Diego Personal Trainingcreate a balance in your life?
Without 619 San Diego Personal Training, I would truly be an emotional mess. 619 San Diego Personal Training balances every part of my life from work to home to personal. I like to workout before work because it sets the tone for my day, but also because I love the group I get to train with bright and early. I do tend to come back after work as well though because, yes I’ll admit it, I’m addicted.

What is your biggest accomplishment?
My biggest accomplishment was when I could do my first pull up unassisted. That is something I had wanted to be able to do from the very first day. Close second though is the first time I beat Jaime in a WOD – that was pretty awesome.

What is your favorite/least favorite WOD/movement?
I hate overhead squats.

Which is your favorite Nasty Girl? (Fran, Cindy, etc.)
My “favorite” would probably be Karen.

What do you do for a profession?
I’m in sales.

What are your hobbies outside of 619 San Diego Personal Training?
Haha, ummm more 619 San Diego Personal Training?

A fun fact…. Or two….
I prefer to drive with no shoes on and I’m originally from Seattle.

What is your Lifestyle (Paleo, Vegan, Don’t Have One…):
80/20 Paleo

Fitness Goals?
I really want to become better at the gymnastics movements. Such as muscle ups, pull ups, handstand walks. These are my areas of concentration for the New Year!

Fran 4:50
Helen 10:48
Grace 4:17
5k 23:42
Clean & Jerk 160 lbs.
Snatch 115 lbs.
Deadlift 215 lbs.
Back Squat 200 lbs.