August Athlete of the Month: Mark Alunni
Mark is what defines a go-getter here at 619 and his positive attitude sets the tone day in and day out. With his humble yet witty personality, Mark strives to be top notch as an athlete. Mark is new to 619 San Diego Personal Training and with just 5 months under his belt he kills the WOD’s. He is not afraid to take his time to perfect his form and is in no rush to “have” to finish first. He aims for RX and succeeds with ease. Mark is always looking out for others and is willing to stop what he is doing to lend a helping hand. Better yet, he keeps the class smiling and laughing with his charm. He is will respected here at 619 and we are thankful to have him park of the box. Congratulations Marky Mark for a well-deserved ATHLETE OF THE MONH!

How did you get involved in 619 San Diego Personal Training?
I mentioned to my wife that I thought I would enjoy 619 San Diego Personal Training. She relayed this to her mother, and for Christmas I was lucky enough to receive a gift for a month membership to 619. I waited awhile before coming in and haven’t left since.

What was your first WOD/experience?
I don’t exactly remember my first WOD but I do remember the second day in we had to run the USD loop and another member decided to run the loop with a weight vest. Being that I had never run the loop before, I ran behind this obvious veteran for a while, as he pulled away a bit and made the turn for home, I could see him ahead and decided that I wasn’t going to let this person wearing a weight vest beat me to the finish. I gained the strength to speed up in full sprint mode and was back to the gym first when CK looked at me and was thinking how was it possible that “the new guy” was back first thinking that I possibly got lost. As the runner with the weight vest arrived shortly after he explained to Chris that I did actually succeed and ran the full loop. I was eager to let Chris know that I wasn’t going to lose to someone wearing a weight vest. Chris was ecstatic with my enthusiasm and expressed “that’s the kind of attitude we need around here.” I then was serenaded with gangsta rap.

How long have you been 619 San Diego Personal Training for?
Friday, April 13th, 2012.

What is your biggest accomplishment?
I’m not quite sure of my biggest accomplishment as I still have a long way to go but definitely a tie between the first time I was not last in a WOD or the first time I finished first in a WOD.

What is your favorite / least favorite WOD/movement?
I’m a pretty big fan of handstand pushups.

Least favorite….nothing comes to mind right away.

What do you do for a profession outside of 619 San Diego Personal Training?
Accounting Manager at SPY Optic, I manage the accounting and finance department.

If anyone needs some dope shades or goggles, let me know….

What are your hobbies outside of 619 San Diego Personal Training?
All in all, my hobby is making memories and having fun

Fun fact:
I won a C-walking contest. BOOM!