Hey Athletes! Good news from the coaches here at 619 San Diego Personal Training619, all that time you spent with the Oly Clinic is here to stay! Below you’ll find the notes that Coach Rennie took as the mass amounts of knowledge was being passed, so check it out!

Junk yard dog warm-up: If you don’t remember or don’t know this, ask one of the coaches next time you’re in! Great way to get warmed up in a short amount of time.

“Push to the limits to where the form breaks and get consistent from there.” – Edgar. Coach Edgar said this for the basis of training. Getting consistency in your lifts is most important whether it be 6oz of PVC Piping, or 100kilos of weight, we want consistency in the movements. 

Burgener warm-up
On the high and outside portion, Edgar is teaching to go slightly back instead of just straight up. Also up on the toes. He is not teaching to throw the back so far out that you injure yourself, but just slightly. When asking his wife about the technique as apposed to how it is sometimes taught in 619 San Diego Personal Training (you might remember being told to jump up and hit the target made with someone’s hand right?) she had this to say: “Everyone’s body mechanics are slightly different, and that method works, however this is most effective.” I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be most effective!
Muscle snatch – The section below is in reference to the “Skills Transfer Set” after the Burgener Warm-Up (Don’t forget your homework Athletes!)

Landing position with bar over head. First 2″, then 4″, 6″ and finally to the bottom and settle for a moment.

Pressing snatch balance
    is a slow moving movement strictly for position.
*Coaches put hands on the bar as its on the back of the athlete, and the athlete pushes themselves down under the bar. Sink to the bottom and press th bar over head* (Landing feet position the whole time)

Heaving snatch balance
   Small dip and drive, press the bar up, traps go up as you go down. Still a somewhat slower movement as a warm-up. NO JUMPING TO POSITION IN THIS ONE!!! (Landing feet position the whole time)
Snatch balance.
   Same as above, except done at speed WHILE JUMPING TO LANDING POSITION. (Jumping feet)

Vocal cue: “shrug, pull and punch” for/from high hang snatch.

Next, go to mid thigh, with the lats engaged pulling the bar against the thigh. Keep your feet in jumping position. Rise up slowly and slightly, up to pocket level using the chest to pull up and keeping the lats engaged, then High Hang Snatch by “shrug, pull, punch.”

“We achieve every position, all the time.” – Meaning, when we go through the skills, we might take a brief pause for the assurance that we are executing the technique correctly!
Take off position
   Jumping position. Bar right at the knee with your glutes pushed back, hamstrings loaded up to a point where we feel that “twinge” or discomfort in the hamstrings. Then move to mid-thigh, pockets, high hang, then muscle snatch by shrug, pull, punch.

   Mid shin, weightpressed against us. Body is engaged and committed to the weight. Knees bow out to allow the back to maintain that lumbar curve. Sweeping back into the body and up to the take off position. Finish using the above steps. * Everybody’s bottom position is going to be different.*

*Note –  Keep the lats engaged seems to be the overriding statement of the night. *

Sweeping back is what puts us into ourheels and allows our toes to flutter. Driving with our heels is where we get our power from.