The fourth open workout has been released. They gave us a 7min AMRAP, ascending ladder of clean and jerk 135/95 and toes to bar. The workout starts at 3 reps per movement and goes up by multiples of three. The barbell can travel overhead b/w of a press, push press, push jerk or split jerk. Coupled with the T2B, you should really consider using a jerk from the start in order to maintain the shoulders through the entire 7min. Also be mindful of your grip. Hands/fingers are going to be strained from cleaning and holding the pullup bar. Using the hook grip will help release some tension when pulling the bar (don’t death drip). Here are some tips for each movement and a bit of prep before tackling 13.4. Good luck!!

Clean & Jerk
-In bottom position, engage lats, pin shoulders back, show elbow pits
-Keep hips low while bar travels up from ground
-Hands outside of shoulders. This allows shorter distance for the bar to travel overhead
-When receiving the barbell in the rack position push your knees out. Then use your power position to sneak under the bar while transitioning to the jerk (check the 2:45min mark of K Star’s video)
-Try not to shuffle your feet so wide that you need to reset after each clean. Ideally you want your feet to be in the same position through each C&J. This will save a ton of energy and allow for a smooth transition from rack to overhead.
-Lead with your knees when bringing the bar back down

Toes to Bar
-Keep feet together
-Straight legs during extension of T2B (don’t let your legs swing behind you)
-Never look up at the bar. Keep head neutral or even look down
-Check out the video below for Carl Paoli’s tips on T2B

-Gorilla complex
-Use a roller on your forearms. Better yet, have someone smash on them with their bare foot
-Thorasic extension work with a roller
-Open up shoulders with monster bands and PVC work

HSPU facing wall
Toes to Rings (start with small pikes, then L-hang, continue to raise legs each rep)