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Joe Lee
Athlete of the Month

It is no secret that Cross Fit makes better Athletes and you can bear witness to that when you meet this month’s Athlete of the Month, Joe Lee! Joe is a positive and inspiring force in the gym. He works out hard and constantly pushes himself to get better. You can always catch Joe after class working on movements he has not yet mastered and helping others do the same.

Joe grew up playing baseball, golf and wait for it… BMX Racing! As great as all these may be, Joe is a runner and has several medals to prove it. He started Cross Fit in order to not only improve his fitness, but become a beast while racing. Joe is most proud of completing the Half-Ironman and crossing the finish line with 45 seconds to spare of his goal time! It was seven grueling months of training, but certainly paid off.

Joe is a firm believer in Cross Fit and all that it has to offer. He continues to come back for the “suffer fest” not only because it works, but because he is not going through it alone- thanks to his CF619 family. He celebrates his accomplishments and those of everyone he works out with. He is always among the first to cheer you on and cheer loudly. Joe is a positive force in the gym and we are proud to have him. Aside from being an awesome person, friend, and athlete…Joe is also a chef! In case you are ever at a loss for what to create (food wise), you can always ask Joe. Before asking him though, take a moment and learn more about Joe Lee, Athlete of the Month!

How did you get involved in 619 San Diego Personal Training?

2013 was a year of Fitness for me. I had made a commitment to complete a race every month of the year. Fast forward to November 2013, 2 Ragnar relays, 6 half marathons, a half Ironman, Giro di San Diego Bike century, and two sprint triathlons later I had completed my goal of 12 races…and I was beat! A friend of mine that I ran the Ragnar relays with was in INCREDIBLE shape. I was blow away that he was running a 7 minute miles and he rarely trained as a distance runner. I was convinced that whatever he was doing was working, and ultimately was more effective than the, “grind” that I was in. That’s when I started researching gyms and ultimately found 619. I was greeted by Nikos, given a tour, and was signed up for my first class the next day.

What was your first WOD/experience?

I couldn’t have been less prepared for my first day at 619. I had a crazy morning, left my gym bag at home, and arrived just in time for the class I signed up for only to realize that I didn’t have my change of clothes. Coach CK was nice enough to lend me a pair of shoes, shorts and a shirt (for obvious reasons all of which were about 2 sizes too big) and I was in! I remember that day very well; Strength involved a super set of dips and strict pull ups, and the workout was 5 rounds of 10 chin-ups, 20 walking overhead lunges, and a 400 meter run. I left the gym that day completely humbled, and telling myself that, “This is the real deal.”

How long have you been 619 San Diego Personal Training for?

One year

What is your biggest accomplishment?

I’d have to say my biggest accomplishment to date is my restored passion for fitness. 619 San Diego Personal Training 619 keeps me guessing, helps me remain goal oriented, and ultimately holds me accountable.

What is your favorite/least favorite WOD/movement?

I like cleans, I really dislike thrusters.

Which is your favorite Nasty Girl? (Fran, Cindy, etc.)

Angie: 100 pull-ups, 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats for time

What do you do for a profession outside of 619 San Diego Personal Training?

I’m a sales development manager for Ecolab. Basically, I sell soap to restaurants, hotels, and assisted living facilities.

What are your hobbies outside of 619 San Diego Personal Training?

Generally when I’m not at the gym I’m spending time with my Fiancé, Maggie. Personally I love to cook, brew beer, ride my bike, and hang out at dog beach.

A fun fact…. Or two…

I’m a trained chef and would like to one day get back in the business as either and owner or investor. I was in a bowling league back in AZ, basically I’m a big nerd.


I love food with big flavor, and I love eating out at new restaurants, but I try to cook a good healthy dinner at least six days a week.

Fitness Goals?

To remain healthy and active! The beauty of Cross Fit and why I believe in it is that you can’t focus on one specific goal. Generally speaking, I hope to work on my weaknesses and continue to improve.

FRAN 4:44
GRACE 5:46
400m SPRINT 1:09

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