We are always in awe of the many accomplishments of our 619 San Diego Personal Training 619 Athletes, and honored to say that Matt Easterly is our Athlete of the Month! Matt’s consistency and great attitude are exemplary. There is not one day where Matt does not give everything he’s got into every WOD or lift. His hard work both inside and out of the box should be celebrated and we are more than happy to do so!

Like most athletes, Matt played sports growing up and his football team won a CIF Championship in 1992. Matt lived a sedentary life throughout college and a little after. The idea of becoming an exemplary father changed his life and brought him through the doors of 619 San Diego Personal Training 619. He did not want to be that parent who sits in chair watching his son play, he wanted to be the parent who played and ran with his son (without running out of breath). He realized that in order to be that father he had to do more with his lifestyle and fitness.

With his wife and son cheering him on, Matt competed in his first 619 San Diego Personal Training Open this year and was happy to have been able to RX all workouts, except one. Matt’s adorable son, Max, even celebrated by showing off his burpee skills and crushed them! Outside of 619 San Diego Personal Training Matt enjoys running 1/2 Marathons and flying paragliders of which he has been doing so for 11 years. Flying over Oahu has been his favorite as it’s paradise there.

Matt recently accepted a position with Google X and although we are elated for his success, we are sad to see him leave sunny San Diego and the box for the Bay Area. His energy will definitely be missed, but he will always be a part of the 619 San Diego Personal Training 619 family!


How did you get involved in 619 San Diego Personal Training?
I became motivated to actively pursue fitness after my son was born. I was looking for somewhere close to home to work out. My wife fortuitously suggested I check out 619 San Diego Personal Training on Linda Vista Road. I had no idea what 619 San Diego Personal Training was or what I was getting in to.

What was your first WOD/experience?
I had an intro session with a 619 coach; I remember movements like sit-ups, wall balls, box jumps and pushups. I went away sore, scared, and eager for more.

How long have you been Training for?
2 years

How do you balance 619 San Diego Personal Training with life?
The adage “if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything” really resonates with me so I consider 619 San Diego Personal Training an enjoyable necessity. I generally try to 619 San Diego Personal Training 4 days/wk, run 2 days/wk and rest 1 day/wk.

What is your biggest accomplishment?
Daily Burpees. I do a minimum of my age in burpees every day and have been for 14 consecutive months without missing a day. Some days I do more, I never do less. On the best days, my 2y/o son does them with me. I’m also pretty stoked to have done 3 Spartan races and 2 half-marathons since I started 619 San Diego Personal Training, oh and the Open this year too.

What is your favorite/least favorite WOD/movement?
My favorite movement is the clean. My least favorite movement is the thruster. I really like the Bear complex. I do not ever want to see 15.5 again, that one put a hurting on me that lasted 2 weeks.

Which is your favorite Nasty Girl? (Fran, Cindy, etc.)

What do you do for a profession?
Matt recently accepted a position with Google X!

What are your hobbies outside of Training?
Landscape photography
Spending time with my wife and son

A fun fact…. Or two….
I once practiced as a licensed massage therapist. My sweetheart (Lisa) and I have been together for over 18 years (married 12 years); when we met, she was 16 and I was 19.

Some Benchmarks…
Clean & Jerk: 250
Snatch: 160
Deadlift: 405
Back Squat: 315
Max Pull-Ups: 5 strict

Lifestyle (Paleo, Vegan, Don’t Have One…):
Eat food, not food product. I try to avoid processed food as much as possible, although ice cream is my downfall; I am convinced a pint of Ben & Jerry’s is a single serving. As far as fluids go, I only drink water, coffee, and beer. I weigh myself daily and have been a steady 250# for over a year.

Fitness Goals?
Ultimately, I need to be able to get (run, jump, swim) home when the zombie apocalypse hits, and everybody knows that fit people are harder to catch and don’t taste good.