Our monthly membership at 619 cost ranges from $100 – $295 for 619 San Diego Personal Trainingclasses depending on your commitment level. We know there are plenty of other gyms down the street that are cheaper than we are. WE DON’T COMPETE ON COST, WE COMPETE ON QUALITY. Quality staff, quality training, quality customer service, quality PERIOD. If you are looking for a bargain priced fitness, please check them out before visiting our community so that you can see the difference. We have taken the best part of private training which is the personalized attention / coaching with the best part of a group class which is the energy and the motivation into one program. Our membership is not just a piece of plastic card that gives you access to our gym and the equipment. Our membership comes with the support of our coaches along with our wonderful community that will motivate and help you to reach your goals. Set up an intro session and see what we are about and have to offer.