We all know the Open is upon us. Whether you’re looking to make regionals, see how you stack up against the best or hit a PR preparation for these workouts is key to achieving your goals. The 13.2 Open workout was posted last night. We have three movements to execute, shoulder to overhead, deadlifts and box jumps. There are a lot of areas of the body to wake up in order to be primed to bust out AMRAP. 13.2 is a 10min AMRAP. This means we should be spending 20-30min on mobility prep/warmup. Not at a burnout pace, but enough to prep the muscles for what’s to come. We’ll start from the top and work our way down.

-PVC/Indian club shoulder work
-Feet on the ground, lay your back over the seat of the GHD. Grab the foot support with hands. Extend at hips 15x
-10 kipping toes to rings
-10 hollow body rocks with PVC (see video at 1:55 for instruction)
-10 candlestick rolls, feet together
-20 double unders to warm up the shoulders and calves
-5×4 jumps on stable objects lower than your prescribed 13.2 box height, i.e. bumper plate, one tire, shorter box, etc.

Do a couple of warmup reps for each 13.2 movement. If you still feel tight, go back and work on the areas you still need to open up. ESPECIALLY if your legs and ankles are not warm. Exploding from the ground on a box jump with a stiff Achilles can lead to major injury.