The 13.3 Open workout was posted last night. It is actually the exact same workout that athletes had to execute for 12.4 last year. If you did this workout last year, hopefully you remember what worked and what didn’t. 13.3 is all about saving your shoulders for the 30 muscle ups. 150 wall balls is a lot to get through. So we really want to ensure our legs are primed and ready to carry the load through the first movement. Then they throw 90 double unders to continue the shoulder burn out. But this is where we are really going to get some rest before hitting the muscle ups. There is a lot of great information out there on 13.3. Check out the embedded video for some AWESOME muscle up tips from Coach Paoli. Here’s some mobility prep and tips for 13.3. You should really take the time to watch the all of videos for an extensive breakdown.

-Open up shoulders in overhead position with monster bands
-Thorasic extension with foam roller on back and bending over GHD
-Air squats. Rest in the bottom position, pushing knees out with elbows
-Skin the cat (rings or bar)

Wall Balls
-Torso upright/straight back throughout entire movement
-Push legs/knees out when rising with wall ball
-Keep head neutral when receiving the ball. Looking down rounds out your shoulders/back.

Double Unders
-Keep palms facing out when flipping the rope. This is going to help save your shoulders for the muscle ups.
-Shoulders relaxed. Use your wrists to spin the rope, not your shoulders.

Muscle ups
-Watch Carl Paoli’s video.

Check out Kelly Starret’s take on 13.3 prep and pointers.

Friday at 619 San Diego Personal Training 619

Power Development

(Above the Knee and The Ground) 2 Position Power Snatch 6 x 1 + 1 @ 55 to 75% of 1 RM


Overhead Squat 5 x 5 @ 82.5 to 90% of 1RM Level 1
5 x 7 Level 2
5 x 9 Level 3

13.3 619 San Diego Personal Training Open WOD

12 Minute AMRAP
150 Wall Balls
90 Double Unders
30 Muscle Ups