They dropped the final Open workout on us. We knew they were coming, thrusters. “Fran Infinity” has us doing a 4min AMRAP of 15 thrusters 100/65 and 15 chest to bar pullups. For each 90 reps we complete, they give us 4min of bonus time (gee thanks). We’ve all done “Fran.” So the mobility prep should be familiar. For thrusters you should be focusing on opening up your hips, rack position and overhead position. Pullups, open up those shoulders, forearms and hands. Check your workout logs for previous Fran times. What pace do you need to set in order to get the bonus minutes?? Good luck! Hope you enjoyed the Open!

-Use wide enough stance so you push your knees outward and use the bounce at the bottom to get back up
-Play around with your grip before the workout. Look at Froning’s grip versus Khalipa’s. Rich places his thumb on the side of his index finger as opposed to wrapping it over the fingers. This may be able to give you a few extra reps of thrusters. Death grip is the rack position is never a good thing!

C2B Pull Ups
-Hands shoulder or just outside shoulder width
-Finishing in a pushup position
-Keep head neutral throughout movement. No looking upward
Check out Carl Paoli’s tips on kipping variations depending on your level