Monday Overhead Squat Prep

The overhead squat is one of the more complex movements we practice in 619 San Diego Personal Training. There are a number of mobility issues that arise when executing this exercise. To properly perform the OHS we must truly have our upper and lower hemispheres working in harmony.

One of the main issues athletes encounter with the OHS is the tendency for the knees to buckle inward when in the squat position. This can be corrected over time with a combination of:

-Myofascial release (rolling out/massage)
-Body weight exercise on the troublesome muscles

Read this article for more info on pronation distortion (knees buckling).

We also see athletes who experience difficulty maintaining a flat back and locked out arms while the bar is overhead. Just as with our lower half, the upper needs to be addressed properly.

-Use monster bands to offer resistance and help open up the shoulders
-Execute the OHS with a PVC to get used to the feeling of having the arms extended overhead while in a squatting position

Monday at 619

10 x 2 Hang Power Snatches + 5 Overhead Squats 2 Minute Rest Intervals

5 x 1 Squat Clean + 5 Front Squats with 3 Minute Rest Intervals

619 San Diego Personal Training 619 WOD

Power Cleans Elite/Adv.185/115 L2 155/95 L3 135/75
Push Jerk/Split Jerks
Ring Dips