8 Week Challenge/8 Week Unlimited Access Membership to 619 San Diego Personal Training 619


Let’s start off 2012 with a BANG SAN DIEGO!! If this is the year for you to change your fitness, your health, and your life for the better, this is what you have been waiting for: An 8 Week Challenge + Membership that is guaranteed to change how you look and how you feel in a BIG way! This includes a two-part competitive event that gives everyone a chance to see measurable results over an 8 week period. This challenge will include both body composition and physical fitness components for a solid foundation to build on. The Spring and Summer here in San Diego will be here before you know it. This 8-week challenge + membership is guaranteed to work IF YOU DO THE WORK! There’s no fancy gimmick or magic pills we are selling. These 8 weeks is a great time for you to prove to yourself that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to and that you ARE worth everything that you want and desire for yourself. All it takes is your commitment! BRING A FRIEND AND SAVE $50

Monday at 619 San Diego Personal Training 619

Overhead Squat and Hang Power Snatch Skillwork

and “Helen” for Conditioning


“Fight Gone Bad”