6 Health Benefits of Turkey by Ashley Lane

1) Adaptable and Versatile:
Turkey can be prepared a number of different of ways – baked, roasted, barbequed, stir fried, and even as the protein we choose to make our sandwich’s with. Make sure to select white meat more often than dark meat because it is lower in calories and leaner than dark meat. Also, if you don’t have to have the skin then make sure to discard it before you eat to reduce the overall fat content.

2) Lean Protein:
Turkey is an outstanding lean protein and can serve as a replacement for other high in fat proteins. Turkey has even less saturated fat than Chicken. The protein in Turkey helps to build muscle, as we all know. What you may not know is it can also help to keep you fuller longer so you don’t get ravenous later.

3) Complete Protein:
Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and some of them your body can make and some of them you can only get through your diet. Turkey delivers all eight essential amino acids that you must get through your diet, making it a complete protein source.

4) Full of Minerals:
Phosphorus, potassium, iron, magnesium and zinc are all minerals found in turkey. These essential nutrients help your body function properly including regulating blood pressure, building new cells, and boosting immunity.

5) High in Vitamins:
Turkey is a great source of B3 and B6 vitamins. B vitamins help with energy metabolism and normal cell activity.

6) Naturally Low in Sodium:
Sodium is needed to help regulate body function. All fresh cuts of turkey are low in sodium, which is ideal for us trying to keep our sodium levels in check.

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